#655 Tbilisi Green Spaces Mapping Project

This task aims to improve the accuracy of OSM data for Tbilisi as it concerns green spaces.

Created by Charles Fox - Updated - Priority: medium

#654 Nkhata Bay River Project - WVU

Created by amarrington - Updated - Priority: medium

#653 Botswana, National Malaria Programme (NMP) Mapping

  • Author: HOT
  • Requesting Org: Clinton Health Access Initiative

This project is to review, update and complete the basemap (buildings and roads) in Chobe District, Botswana. Whereas most of the buildings and roads have been mapped, there remains some which are not mapped and several misaligned. Your mapping contribution will help prevent the suffering and loss of life the disease malaria causes.

Created by lusdavo - Updated - Priority: medium

#652 YouthMappers Chapter Exchange - Makerere University

This mapping project is of the Makerere University campus for a YouthMappers chapter exchange. ONLY for students from Makerere University please.

Created by Patricia Solis - Updated - Priority: medium

#651 YouthMappers Chapter Exchange - Rice University

This mapping project is of the Rice University campus for a YouthMappers chapter exchange. ONLY for students from Rice University please.

Created by Patricia Solis - Updated - Priority: medium

#650 Yokoze Town Building Mapping

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#649 Hanoi: public transport, minor road and health care facilities

Hanoi OSM map is quite completed. The quality of some key features, however, need improvement, including:

  • Public bus stop and station: many are not it correct position and/or missing information on bus route, time of operation.
  • Many minor roads are missing
  • POI related to health care such as: hospital, pharmacy also need to be improved
Created by hoangvietanh - Updated - Priority: medium

#648 Participatory mapping at Fasiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Community people involved in the co-management of Fashakhali WS and local FD and CREL officials will be trained for the involvement for the monitoring of the WS. Open Street Technology (OSM) along with satellite imagery will be used for the development of a methodology for forest monitoring. The reconnaissance survey already has done in Fasiakhali WS in last 2-4th March 2018. Now, it is needed to create the spatial database for the target area by tracing existing visible features in satellite images on OpenStreetMap editing software (iD Editor and JOSM). The local community will update the database with field information and stored in RIMS.

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: medium

#646 DIAL Nepalgunj: Bhuregaun Mapping Task

Digital Volunteers Initiative under Kathmandu Living Labs opens Digital Internship And Leadership (DIAL) opportunity for both outstanding students and recent graduates. This internship program will develop digital skills and help the interns prepare for (digital) leadership positions.

The pool of interns will receive rigorous training on a wide range of digital tools with particular emphasis on OpenStreetMap (OSM). In addition, they will also receive mentorship on career and leadership development from a group of national and international experts.

Created by Pradip Khatiwada - Updated - Priority: medium

#645 Barrouallie - SVG Open Mapping 2018

This project maps basic features in Barrouallie to improve OSM on the west coast of St Vincent.

Created by MaggieMaps - Updated - Priority: medium
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