#551 Texas Tech ONLY Northern Ghana Mapping Study - Sankpala

This task is reserved for Dr. Solís' study at Texas Tech University.

Created by Patricia Solis - Updated - Priority: low

#534 Levittown, NY Suburban Land Use Mapping

Levittown, NY, the original American suburb was originally developed at the turn of the century to create an ideal family lifestyle for returning WWII soldiers. How is current land use in Levittown reflective of that ideal?

Created by SchaeRo - Updated - Priority: low

#522 Prince Rupert, Canada Industry and Economic Development

As a rising shipping hub, Prince Rupert is set to be the main North American shipping hub.

Created by SchaeRo - Updated - Priority: low

#516 OSM Geography Awareness Week - 2C Pokhara Mapathon

We will be learning how to map landuse. In order to do this we will be mapping forests of Kaski district. To complete this mapping within four hours we will be learining about the 'Fast Draw' tool in JOSM that allows us to quickly creating lines and polygons.

Created by Gaurav Thapa - Updated - Priority: low

#514 WVU - Ekwendeni

This project is designed for GIS day at WVU. Participants will map ONLY the buildings in Ekwendeni. All edits will be checked by the creator of the project and then deleted or verified for the OpenStreetMap database.

Created by amarrington - Updated - Priority: low

#490 Cam Thuy; Local Road Asset Management Program (P155086)

The Objective of the Operation is to improve road and bridge connectivity for the rural communities of the participating provinces in Vietnam.

Created by jeepneysurvey - Updated - Priority: low

#470 YouthMapper@AUW Project Area Mapping

This is only for AUW students to map the project area. YouthMappers at AUW (YM@AUW), has won a microgrant of 4500 USD to work on a Arsenic mitigation project in partnership with a US voluntary organization Chemists Without Borders. Registered in November 2016 YM@AUW is the 41st chapter of YouthMappers in the world. YouthMappers is a Texas Tech-USAID initiative and through this HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) microgrant, the team will be mapping both Arsenic contaminated and non-contaminated wells from Chittagong area into the Open Street Map. YM@AUW arsenic mapping project is one of the eight projects chosen worldwide from more than 70 participants.

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: low


Created by Shangkuanlc - Updated - Priority: low

#462 Kajajula Parish Tororo District

Author: YouthMappers/ MapUganda Requesting Organisation: YouthMappers Uganda Imagery: Digital Globe Premium

Created by danielzyt - Updated - Priority: low

#461 Maundo Parish Tororo District

Author: YouthMappers/ MapUganda Requesting Organisation: YouthMappers Uganda Imagery: Digital Globe Premium

Created by danielzyt - Updated - Priority: low
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