#578 Map Your City : Jessore

Reaching for Jessore and to map to it's block level including landmarks. We will also have Mapillary street level photos taken as a part of the mapping. This will ensure the proper navigation & routing possible for Jessore using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Created by tasauf1980 - Updated - Priority: low

#605 Mapping Jajarkot, Nepal - Digital Internship and Leadership

Digital Volunteers Initiative under Kathmandu Living Labs opens this opportunity for both outstanding students and recent graduates. This internship program will develop digital skills and help the interns prepare for (digital) leadership positions. The interns will be a part of KLL’s flagship program – Digital Volunteers.

The pool of interns will receive rigorous training on a wide range of digital tools with particular emphasis on OpenStreetMap (OSM). In addition, they will also receive mentorship on career and leadership development from a group of national and international experts. For more details,

Created by Manoj Thapa - Updated - Priority: medium

#390 UP CGIS : Knysna 2017 Fire disaster.

Knysna is a town with 51,078 inhabitants in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is part of the Garden Route. It lies 34 degrees south of the equator, and is 72 kilometres east from the town of George on the N2 highway, and 25 kilometres west of Plettenberg Bay on the same road. [ ]

Created by FrikanRW - Updated - Priority: urgent

#600 Open Data Day at Institute of Rural Development Planning - Mwanza

This task is designed so as to modify the map of Institute of Rural development Planning (Mwanza), where the Open Data Day will be take place. Various features should be located in order to facilitate those who will attend in Open Data Day.

Created by SHABANI MAGAWILA - Updated - Priority: urgent

#295 Map4America: Lake Traverse Reservation of Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux nation

This task is centered on the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Indian reservation in the northeast corner of South Dakota. The objective of the task is to re-align existing roads with the imagery and add large commercial and institutional buildings.

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: high

#577 Lac Region islands, Chad

Mapping roads and buildings on the islands of Lake Chad, focusing on the Republic of Chad

Created by Safy - Updated - Priority: high

#302 University of Ghana - UG Youthmappers

Map all known features; Buildings, Roads, Places of Interests (POIs), etc

Created by Enock4seth - Updated - Priority: medium

#502 Map Your City: Map Chittagong (Phase-03)

The task is assigned for mapping Chittagong city to the block level including landmarks. This will make sure the proper navigation & routing possible for Chittagong using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Created by Sawan Shariar - Updated - Priority: medium

#585 Mapping the Western Plains 2

Created by Gaurav Thapa - Updated - Priority: medium

#572 Nepalgunj Mapping Project

Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) in partnership with the Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City Office is working towards developing the geospatial infrastructure of the city. This task is a critical part of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City's goal to foster open local government in the Sub-Metropolitan. Map data created through this task will be used as background data, on top of which the City's annual plans and budgetary information will be laid. KLL is currently working on the ground with Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City government to realize this goal.

Created by Gaurav Thapa - Updated - Priority: low
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