#318 Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal (on Wikipedia)

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#344 Athens Ohio City Area

Created by rdelach - Updated - Priority: medium

#397 Map Nazipur

Please use JOSM and Bing or DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery .

Created by Atikur Rahman atik - Updated - Priority: medium

#362 AALV Mapathon, Kamsuuma, Somalia

Created by nahles - Updated - Priority: medium

#376 Los Antiguos, Argentina - Buildings

Los Antiguos is a small agricultural oasis in the high desert of Argentina.

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium

#430 Map Your City: Map Chittagong (Phase-02)

The task is assigned for mapping Chittagong city to the block level including landmarks. This will make sure the proper navigation & routing possible for Chittagong using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Created by tasauf1980 - Updated - Priority: medium

#406 PADF-Perpendicular-URL El Campanero Mixco

PADF está trabajando en conjunto con Perpendicular en la comunidad de El Campanero en el municipio de Mixco, Guatemala, para capacitar, equipar y organizar iniciativas comunitarias de preparación y respuesta a desastres, así como implementar proyectos de mejoramiento de infraestructura a pequeña escala basados en evaluaciones de riesgos y vulnerabilidades impulsadas por la comunidad. Esta iniciativa de mapeo realizada por la Universidad Rafael Landívar creará datos geoespaciales abiertos para apoyar este esfuerzo.

Created by Nils010786 - Updated - Priority: medium

#411 Map Your City: Map Tongi

The Key objective is to create a base map for Tongi, situated at the outskirt of Dhaka city.

Created by tasauf1980 - Updated - Priority: medium

#231 #MissingMaps Chofu City Building Mapping

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#192 Yamato City Building Mapping

Aoyama Gakuin Univ. & Yamato City collaboration Project Yamato City Building Mapping

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium
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