#90 Mapping Sattola Slum-Mohakhali Dhaka

Bangladesh has the highest number of slum dwellers – 60% of the urban population – in the South Asian region. This big number of population somehow stay unnoticed. During any disaster, for example earthquake, it’s quite impossible to help the dwellers of these slums.

Also having a mapping of slums will help NGOs and Govt to make proper decisions and plans for the development of those.

Under the umbrella of Global YouthFest, PreneurLab a “tech for social good” startup is hosting “Map the Slum” event on 16th October. 5 teams, each consisting 6 members, will visit the slums and map those using OpenStreet Maps. OpenStreet maps is an open source online service widely used in development sector. World Bank Group’s Water and Sanitation Program team is supporting the cause.

This will is an one day event. The mappers will get selected by online screening. Selected participants will be participating in a small training session. After that the teams will be divided and travel to the slums to collect data. After collecting data they will get back into the venue to upload them in to maps. Expert mappers will guide the whole initiative. Arif Nezami, CEO of PreneurLab says “Technology is a great tool to impact people's lives. We believe our participants will try to do their best to bring the slums into the global maps which will be very helpful for NGOs, Govt, ad doners.”

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#61 Gandaria project for DDR

This task consists of the bounds of the field papers pages used by the participants in Bangladesh Red Crescent / American Red Cross training on OpenMapKit. Please do not work on this task unless you are one of those selected participants.

Select your square and fill in missing details based on the notes taken on your field papers page(s).

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#50 Akamasoa - Mahatsara

Zone résidentielle non cartographiée

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#40 Old Harbour

A series of tasks created for Kingston OSM Training - Mona School of Business & Management

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#60 Portsmouth mapping project #2 - Hoba Southern Malawi

Created by rjhargreaves - Updated - Priority: medium

#54 Untitled project

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#51 UMS mapping@RGU

OSM mapping for UMS(Universiti Malaysia Sabah) by RGU(Rakuno Gakuen University,Japan)

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#41 UB Ger Districts - Hotel

map buildings with Ulaanbaatar and The Asia Foundation

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#27 UB Ger Districts - Charlie

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#9 Edmonds Community College (EDCC Mapathon)

This is task is for Edmonds Community College Spring 2015 GEOG 100 Class. Please do not work on this area if you are not associated with this group.

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