#230 PADF: Mixco - Colonia El Milagro

PADF is working in the municipality of Mixco, Guatemala, to train, equip, and organize neighborhood-based disaster preparation and response initiatives, as well as implement small-scale disaster resilient infrastructure improvement projects based on community-driven vulnerability risk and needs assessments. This mapping initiative will create open-geospatial data to support this effort. The project will focus primarily on informal settlements vulnerable to landslides and flooding. These are communities that typically possess inadequate drainage systems and contention walls, poorly built homes using sub-standard materials, and are built on unsafe hillsides.

Created by kerrymapper - Updated - Priority: medium

#214 Texas colonias - Sierra Blanca, TX

Map4America is a project to map remote and/or marginal places across the US with the aim of improving the OpenStreetMap data in areas with few local mappers.

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium

#278 YouthMappers - Map Lubbock

Task set up by the Texas Tech University Chapter of YouthMappers to map Lubbock.

Created by aboges26 - Updated - Priority: low

#330 BFI Field Mapping Project, Savar, Dhaka

For testing the effectiveness of fieldpaper and OSM technology for plant journal, Bangladesh Forest Department going to pilot in Chotta Kailakoir in Savar area by its forest personnel.

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: low

#312 River Thames Mapathon

This task is designed to create a consistent map of River Thames beaches help artist Maria Arceo identify where she can collect waste plastic in the River Thames.

Created by faithatron - Updated - Priority: medium

#273 Diinsoor, Somalia Buildings and Roads

Mapping Buildings and Roads in Diinsoor, Somalia

Created by DSaeger - Updated - Priority: medium

#282 Ghana Task - Gushiegu

Mapping for household surveys

Created by aboges26 - Updated - Priority: medium

#280 Ghana Task - Zabzugu & Tatale

Mapping for household surveys

Created by aboges26 - Updated - Priority: medium

#232 龍野三次元マップづくり

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#272 Untitled project

Created by kanji14134 - Updated - Priority: medium
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About the Tasking Manager

OSM Tasking Manager is a mapping tool designed and built for the Humanitarian OSM Team collaborative mapping. The purpose of the tool is to divide up a mapping job into smaller tasks that can be completed rapidly. It shows which areas need to be mapped and which areas need the mapping validated.
This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits to control the progress and the homogeinity of the work done (ie. Elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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