#503 Gnishik Area, Armenia: Roads

Detailed edits and fixes to roads & tracks.

Created by Sidapo - Updated - Priority: medium

#289 University of Malawi - Zomba Area Mapping

Task created for University of Malawi students to map Zomba and the immediate area surrounding Zomba.

Created by aboges26 - Updated - Priority: medium

#427 Map Your City: Map Sylhet

The task is assigned for mapping Sylhet city to the block level including landmarks. This will make sure the proper navigation & routing possible for Sylhet using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Created by tasauf1980 - Updated - Priority: medium

#416 Map Your City: Map Narayanganj

The Key objective is to create a base map for Narayanganj, situated at the south eastern outskirt of Dhaka city.

Created by tasauf1980 - Updated - Priority: medium

#561 Urban Informal Settlement Mapping in Mpape Nigeria

YouthMappers Chapter led project

Created by Patricia Solis - Updated - Priority: low

#313 Urban Waste Mapping in Akure Nigeria

Identify areas of waste dumping by mapping areas or placing points with the tag 'landuse=landfill'.

Created by aboges26 - Updated - Priority: medium

#413 Better Preparedness: Dam Flooding Togo - Part 3

The aim of this project is to build out the community infrastructure for flood risk management downstream of hydro-power dams.

Created by RAHinton - Updated - Priority: medium

#117 Road Mapping in Western Uganda (Extra Small Tiles)

In this task, mappers are asked to digitize road network features in the enclosed areas. The resulting road network is meant to supplement existing road network files, to improve the understanding of road network coverage in western Uganda.

Created by mmschmitz - Updated - Priority: medium

#490 Cam Thuy; Local Road Asset Management Program (P155086)

The Objective of the Operation is to improve road and bridge connectivity for the rural communities of the participating provinces in Vietnam.

Created by jeepneysurvey - Updated - Priority: low

#433 Getting prepared to natural hazards by mapping evacuation routes in Madagascar rural areas (Step 1)

This project aims to map buildings and roads in rural malagasy areas to support the design of evacuation maps for communities, schools and families.

Created by Borisy - Updated - Priority: medium
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This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits to control the progress and the homogeinity of the work done (ie. Elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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