#153 Lemba (Nord), Kinshasa

Cette tâche est réservée aux contributeurs participant au groupe local OSM du LLab à Kinshasa.

Created by clairedelune - Updated - Priority: medium

#174 Bates Sustainability

Mapping project for Bates Short Term 2016 Innovations in Mapping Course

Created by kmcdono2 - Updated - Priority: medium

#178 Aoyama Gakuin Univ. Sagamihara Campus

Aoyama Gakuin Univ. Sagamihara Campus

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#170 RBHS - Polk County, TN

Project created for Red Ban High School, Chattanooga, TN

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium

#110 Texas Colonias - Falcon-Indio colonias

In this task, you are responsible for digitizing the features in places that may be marginal or isolated. These places tend to be rural and not always well mapped.

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium

#171 Building Mapping around the Hino Campus of Metropolitan Univ.

Building Mapping around the Hino Campus of Metropolitan Univ.

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#96 Data upload for Paris road slum area #KOLOROB

This task is the data upload and edit part of four OSM training what were conducted by Ahasanul Hoque (@ahasan4u) from 24th August to 9 September arranged by Save the Children Dhaka for one of their upcoming project named KOLOROB. The selected mappers went to the Paris road of Mirpur slum area with the same grid as in this task for collecting the service facilities, what will be uploaded on OSM and integrated in the KOLOROB app for the slum inhabitants of Bauniabandh, Mirpur Dhaka .

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: medium

#167 #FUCHINOBE03 @Aoyama Gakuin University, JAPAN

This is a target area for GSC spatial information lecture @ Aoyama Gakuin University. Please input only buildings using by iD editor.

by Taichi FURUHASHI( @mapconcierge )

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium

#158 Remote Mapping Exercise - Cabra Island, MDC

OSM Workshop exercise for remote mapping, and Tasking Manager use

Created by GOwin - Updated - Priority: low

#137 #MapSaintLucia - Gros Islet

Mapping in and around Gros Islet, St. Lucia. As part of activities in observance of Saint Lucia’s 37th Independence Anniversary on February 22, 2016, the Government of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting will be hosting a national Mapathon on Sunday, February 28th, 2016, from 9:00am -5:00pm at the Derek Walcott Square. Map4SaintLucia

The Mapathon will be held under the theme, “It’s our Journey...let’s map it together”, and will demonstrate how technical innovators and entrepreneurs can use mapping data for national development.

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium
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This approach facilitates the distribution of tasks to the various mappers in a context of emergency. It also permits to control the progress and the homogeinity of the work done (ie. Elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.).

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