#302 University of Ghana - UG Youthmappers

Map all known features; Buildings, Roads, Places of Interests (POIs), etc

Created by Enock4seth - Updated - Priority: medium

#572 Nepalgunj Mapping Project

Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) in partnership with the Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City Office is working towards developing the geospatial infrastructure of the city. This task is a critical part of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City's goal to foster open local government in the Sub-Metropolitan. Map data created through this task will be used as background data, on top of which the City's annual plans and budgetary information will be laid. KLL is currently working on the ground with Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City government to realize this goal.

Created by Gaurav Thapa - Updated - Priority: low

#645 Barrouallie - SVG Open Mapping 2018

This project maps basic features in Barrouallie to improve OSM on the west coast of St Vincent.

Created by MaggieMaps - Updated - Priority: medium

#366 Map Your City (Map Dhaka)

The primary objective of the project is to map the road network of the city as a part of a mission to create a complete map for Dhaka city.

Created by mmahmud - Updated - Priority: medium

#624 Georgetown - SVG Open Mapping 2018

This task will add to the inventory of building footprints and fill in the road network in Georgetown, VC

Created by sejohnson - Updated - Priority: medium

#203 Karonga flood risk mapping

Karonga district lies to the northern part of Malawi. It is one of the areas in the country that are frequently flooded. This project is part of scaling up Community Mapping and Data Preparedness in Malawi - Survey Department, Department of Disaster Management Affairs in Malawi and Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Created by GOduori - Updated - Priority: high

#390 UP CGIS : Knysna 2017 Fire disaster.

Knysna is a town with 51,078 inhabitants in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is part of the Garden Route. It lies 34 degrees south of the equator, and is 72 kilometres east from the town of George on the N2 highway, and 25 kilometres west of Plettenberg Bay on the same road. [ ]

Created by FrikanRW - Updated - Priority: urgent

#101 For Bing/Mapbox users: Mapping out residential areas in Kigoma Region, Tanzania

It is a priority of Tanzanian government to improve access to obstetric care in the country’s Kigoma Region. In support of this goal, it is the objective of this project to map the road networks that residents use to reach these facilities. We have identified the mapping of residential areas as a crucial first step in what will be ongoing work to increase the coverage and quality of Kigoma Region’s road network, and would like to ask for your help in this endeavor.

Created by yche465 - Updated - Priority: high

#458 WVU Malawi (Chilumba) Project

Map roads, streams, buildings, and make points of wells if recognizable. Label buildings as general buildings and whether or not they have thatched or metal roofs. When saving your edits please #MaptimeMorgantown so we can keep track of our edits/ progress.

Created by amarrington - Updated - Priority: medium

#581 Census Academy - OpenStreetMap Training - Panama City, Florida

This project has been created for a training exercise for the Census Academy. This task is for beginners and focuses on adding buildings and roads.

Created by MaggieMaps - Updated - Priority: low
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