#70 Mapping of roads in Mufindi district, Southern Highlands, Tanzania

This task is part of a Mapathon week in Iringa, which has the goal to generate a basic road network of the Southern Highlands districts in Tanzania. Besides this it's part of training for a new group of OSM users.

Created by dan_ke - Updated - Priority: low

#61 Gandaria project for DDR

This task consists of the bounds of the field papers pages used by the participants in Bangladesh Red Crescent / American Red Cross training on OpenMapKit. Please do not work on this task unless you are one of those selected participants.

Select your square and fill in missing details based on the notes taken on your field papers page(s).

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: low

#59 University of Portsmouth Mapping Projects #1

The flagship project for University of Portsmouth, Up For Uni mapping day!

This exercise should enable students to learn basic mapping skills.

Created by rjhargreaves - Updated - Priority: low

#56 OSM Training by Save the Children's KOLOROB project-01

This task is a part of four OSM training what are going to be conducted by Ahasanul Hoque (@ahasan4u) from 24th August arranged by Save the Children Dhaka for one of their upcoming project named KOLOROB design phase. Intention is to create 100 new OSM volunteers participating from different university of Dhaka who will later map the slum areas in Mirpur Dhaka .

Created by aHaSaN - Updated - Priority: low

#54 Untitled project

Created by EddyClaudeo - Updated - Priority: low

#51 UMS mappingļ¼ RGU

OSM mapping for UMS(Universiti Malaysia Sabah) by RGU(Rakuno Gakuen University,Japan)

Created by kanji14134 - Updated - Priority: low

#44 Mapping Practice - Ogden, Iowa

Practice area for MLK Day of Service OSM Mapping Party Participants.

Created by Amy_85 - Updated - Priority: low

#41 UB Ger Districts - Hotel

map buildings with Ulaanbaatar and The Asia Foundation

Created by mapmeld - Updated - Priority: low

#35 UB Ger Districts - Foxtrot

Drone mapping with City of Ulaanbaatar and The Asia Foundation

Created by mapmeld - Updated - Priority: low

#27 UB Ger Districts - Charlie

Created by mapmeld - Updated - Priority: low
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