#517 Mapping Food Deserts

Students will map the different types of food places in their town to see where the gaps in services are and how to help city planning for future development.

Created by CarolWard - Updated - Priority: medium

#515 #MapatonXLaGuajira: Palomino

Created by zayrao - Updated - Priority: medium

#513 OSMGeoWeek Mapathon: Yuma, Arizona

This task is centered on the city of Yuma, in the southwestern corner of Arizona. The objective of the task is to add buildings and re-align existing roads with the imagery.

Created by MaggieMaps - Updated - Priority: medium

#511 Tarleton 269#

Please trace all buildings, roads, and water bodies that you encounter in the cells assigned to you. Specify the type of water body (e.g. river, canal, lake) and type of road (e.g. primary, secondary etc). Do not specify the building type.

Created by YemiYemiZ - Updated - Priority: medium

#508 Digital Cartography of Buildings - CAR

Add building footprints in CAR

Created by b_2 - Updated - Priority: medium

#506 #UniqueMapperTeam((UMT)Port Harcourt-#OSMGeoweek 2017 Mapathon for satellite Campus Community Mapping

Alakaohia Community is a fast growing satellite Campus community due to the influx of University of Port Harcourt Students,who resides off campus.Students preference for this community as off- campus residence in recent times calls for urgent attention as it triggers population influx and its vulnerabilities.Mapping of buildings and roads in this community will help sustainable development and accessibility.

Created by vicksun - Updated - Priority: medium

#504 Gnishik Area, Armenia: Buildings & ruins

This is the second of the two proposed areas for next year's TCT-Building camps. With this task we will focus on tracing buildings & ruins to the highest possible quality. This will help the trail design process, the development work when people would be on the ground, as well as the map production for this area for the hikers to come.

Created by Sidapo - Updated - Priority: medium

#503 Gnishik Area, Armenia: Roads

Detailed edits and fixes to roads & tracks.

Created by Sidapo - Updated - Priority: medium

#502 Map Your City: Map Chittagong (Phase-03)

The task is assigned for mapping Chittagong city to the block level including landmarks. This will make sure the proper navigation & routing possible for Chittagong using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Created by Sawan Shariar - Updated - Priority: medium

#500 #DRONEBIRD CrisisMapping Drill with Tokyo Prefecture

Created by MAPconcierge - Updated - Priority: medium
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