#103 - For Digital Globe users: Map out residential areas in Kigoma Region, Tanzania

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It is the Tanzania government's priority to assess and improve physical access to obstetric care in Kigoma Region. To efficiently capture the road network by which residents use for traveling to obstetric care facilities, we determine to it is crucial to first map out all the residential land-use areas. This sub-set task encompasses the northern area of the region, where the coverage of digital globe satellite imagery is generally more optimal than Bing and Mapbox .

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Areas/square cells have various level of existing feature coverage for residential land-use area. Some cells may have more complete coverage than others.

For each square cell, we would like the mappers to:

Task I: Identify any currently un-tagged aggregation of houses (i.e., residential infrastructure) and tag the covered area for residential land-use

Note: the sample photos in the link may be different than what you would see under real satellite imagery due to the different geographical context

IMPORTANT!! Please also see the complete tracing guide for detailed instruction.

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