#106 - Texas Colonias - La Paloma-Lost Creek

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BACKGROUND: The term "colonia," in Spanish means a community or neighborhood. The Office of the Secretary of State defines a "colonia" as a residential area along the Texas-Mexico border that may lack some of the most basic living necessities, such as potable water and sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, and safe and sanitary housing.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: To help understand life in colonias, read this article from the Washington Post

Here's a short video from ABC News that describes the struggle of living in a colonia.

More in-depth reporting on water issues in colonias from the Texas Tribune

A more comprehensive (and technical) picture of colonias can be found in this publication (pdf) from the Dallas Federal Reserve

Entities to Map
primary and secondary roads, tracks & paths, buildings, surface waters
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The aim of this TM project is to map in detail the colonia of La Paloma - Lost Creek.

  • Check that the vector data is correctly aligned on Bing imagery, that is the reference for the georeferencing. Move/redraw the data if necessary.

  • Please trace ALL individual buildings and tag it as 'building=yes'. Please SQUARE THE RECTANGULAR BUILDINGS if you do not use a mapping tool that does it automatically. (With iD, you just need to click on the building once drawn and then a few icons show up as extra tools, and there is a square icon to square buildings. you can also type 'S' as a shortcut.) Same thing for round buildings: there is an icon and the shortcut is 'O, to get perfect circles. For clusters of buildings, DO NOT enclose the whole area as one building. It is important to trace individual structures for future damage analysis. For that purpose, you may find this document useful.

  • Please trace ALL roads/highways/tracks and tag them as 'highway=unclassified'.

  • Please also map any rivers/streams/ponds/lakes in the area.

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