#233 - #Map4America: Shinnecock Indian Reservation

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This task is centered around the Shinnecock Indian Reservation, located in Southampton, NY and is designed to update roads and significant buildings so that local mappers can conduct ground-truthing and tagging operations.

See the Wikipedia entry for more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinnecock_Indian_Nation

Entities to Map
Roads, buildings, prominent geographic features such as landforms, transport terminals, and infrastructure.
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TIPS * Add TIGER streets to your background imagery for reference and comparison with OpenStreetMap data: - In iD, open the Background preferences, and tick the box for 'New & Misaligned TIGER Roads' - In JOSM, open the Imagery menu, and select TIGER 2012 Roads Overlay

  • Toggle between Bing imagery and Mapbox imagery to help identify features. One set of imagery may offer sharper image, easier recognition of objects on the ground.
  • In iD, you can do this using Ctrl-B

INSTRUCTIONS * Digitize all missing roads. Re-align OpenStreetMap data to the imagery. If the TIGER is acceptably correct, use it for naming. - Tag roads according to usage. In most cases, this will be 'unclassified' or 'unknown'. Refer to the wiki section on tagging road features.

  • Digitize all buildings. These will be useful later as structure points.

  • Check the TIGER layer.

  • Does it align with roads on the imagery? Are there large deviations?
  • Is TIGER road coverage complete in this area? (Ignore driveways, livestock trails, farm field access)
  • Please note it in the changeset comments using #TIGER_quality

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