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Ever wish to know a shortcut or the name of that building? Or want to contribute to that campus knowledge? Join the Mapping Society at Cornell as we map out our campus.

Entities to Map
Primary roads, paths, buildings
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Through this mapping task, we will share our knowledge about Cornell's campus. Please focus within the outlined blue--this is primarily our campus. If a square seems to big for you, don't hesitate to break it up.

PATHS We are interested in roads and paths (e.g. dirt, foot only, bike). Trace the road/path using the "Line" function. - For roads, click "Road Features..." Most roads at Cornell will be a primary road. - For paths, click "Path Features..." Select what you think is most appropriate. (Note the "Steps" option. If there's a big staircase, put it on the map! This could be helpful information for many.)

BUILDINGS We are interested in eateries, dorms, academic buildings--you name it! Literally! Trace the shape of the building using the "Area" function. - Which department has classes here? Put it in the Description (Select a Feature > Scroll to "Add Field" > Select "Description"). - If this is a place to eat, feel free to add a note recommending your favorite foods ("Add Field" > "Note"). - Is this a place that has special activities or hours? Add a website with a link describing that info! ("Add Field" > "Website"). Example: I added the website for Teagle's hours to the building.

QUESTIONS & FEEDBACK? Please email us at mappingsocietycornell@gmail.com.

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