#379 - Mauritius Open Mapping: Mahebourg

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Entities to Map
Primary roads, secondary roads, all buildings, prominent landscape features, such as water bodies
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#teachosm-task-379, #mauritius, source=DGPremium, 2017

Important: When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

Buildings: Buildings are generally round or rectangular be tagged as Building Features='Building'. There are keyboard shortcuts for creating the shapes. For tracing circular shapes, use the 'O' key and for rectangular buildings, use the 'S' key.

Major roads: Unless you know the road classification, use highway='unclassified' connecting smaller villages and hamlets highway='tertiary' for main roads connecting towns. If road networks already exist, but do not follow the satellite imagery accurately, please adjust accordingly.

Other road tags: Smaller offshoot roads should be ignored unless they link different areas of habitation.

Use highway='track' but only if the road leads to farmland Use highway='path' for narrow footpaths which cannot be traversed even with a 4x4


Waterways are not a requirement of this task, they can however be useful, so feel free to map them as well.

waterway='stream' for the small ones waterway='river' for the bigger ones

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