#403 - Missing Maps: Amman

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The city of Amman lacks some detail on OSM. The street network is comprehensive, but some streets lack names. Majority of street names are entered in English, and some are in Arabic. Most neighborhoods still lack buildings. The purpose of this task is to enrich the map with building footprints and street names in both English and Arabic so that the area of interest can be used as a base map for a bilingual website.

Entities to Map
buildings, primary roads, secondary roads
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If you are new to mapping in OSM, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basics: Learn to Map: Beginners

Unless you are an advanced mapper, we recommend using iD web editor for this task.

If you are local to Amman, or very familiar with the city, please focus on adding the street names in both English and Arabic:

  • For adding names in English, use tag name:en, and for Arabic, use tag name:ar.
  • You will most likely need to create both tags for each street.

When tracing buildings (buildings=yes), try to be as detailed as possible. Please be mindful to:

  • Choose DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery in the background settings.
  • Most buildings are rectangular. After drawing an outline, use the 's' key in the iD web editor to "square" the corners. In case of using JOSM, use the 'Q' key to square.
  • In the comment, write what you actually mapped.

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