#462 - Kajajula Parish Tororo District

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Author: YouthMappers/ MapUganda

Requesting Organisation: YouthMappers Uganda

Imagery: Digital Globe Premium

With a growing OpenStreetMap community in the world, Team Good Mappers A YouthMappers chapter based in Busitema University Uganda together with MapUganda have set up this Project as an initiative to introduce OSM in Secondary Schools. The project is aimed at training secondary school students on how to contribute to OSM and make use of OSM data to create their own maps.

Entities to Map
Buildings Only
Changeset Comment
#hotosm-task-462 #OSM training in Secondary Schools #YouthMappers


For this task, mappers are being asked to map buildings only.

In the ID editor: Label the area as "Building", then then correct for right angles with the "S" key

In JOSM: From the tags/Memberships window, click "Add" and use the tag "building=yes"; then correct for right angles using the "Q" key

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