#485 - Add new buildings in Chicago

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The City of Chicago issues building permits to allow new houses to be constructed. These are available on a map on Chicago Cityscape and it's apparent that there are clusters of new housing being built in specific neighborhoods.

The outdated satellite imagery for these areas makes it nearly impossible to draw these new houses. Satellite imagery also doesn't have the building addresses.

All of this work will have to be done by walking in the field and noting the location and addresses of the new houses.

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houses (buildings)
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While you are walking along the sidewalk in these subdivisions of newly-built houses, mark the location and approximate size of each house, and also denote the address of the house.

Every building should have the tag building=house, but buildings also need addresses.

iD Editor and JOSM both have good methods to add (and edit) the addresses (wiki) of new buildings, but to clarify, these are the tags that each building needs to have:

addr:street=Street Name

addr:housenumber=House number on the street



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