#503 - Gnishik Area, Armenia: Roads

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This is one of the two proposed areas for next year's TCT-Building camps. With this task we will focus on getting the roads & jeep tracks to the highest possible quality. This will help the trail design process, the development work when people would be on the ground, as well as the map production for this area for the hikers to come.

Entities to Map
primary roads, secondary roads, tracks
Changeset Comment
#teachosm-task-503, tct mapping, #cartisan, #ESRI

The focus here is on completing the road & jeep track network. Before editing, be familiar with the highway tag. Also check out some of the screen shots of tracks and roads we collected. We recommend to use JOSM as your OSM editor. The improve way accuracy Tool is very useful to improve the accuracy of existing roads. The reference image layer for tracing is Esri World Imagery. The two tasks to focus on are:

  • Task 1: Improving the accuracy and fixing previously mapped roads. Make sure the roads are tagged correctly and align them as closely as possible to the sat image (remember to use a lot of nodes to create smooth curves). Also make sure the topology of the road network is correct (roads connect to each other at intersections and don't "overshoot" or come short).

  • Task 2: Adding new roads. The most common type of road that is still missing are the jeep tracks ("highway=track"). Jeep tracks can be recognised for the characteristic parallel ruts, with some overgrowth in between (like this image) They can be fairly faint on the sat images and a bit tricky to follow at times. In this area there are also a lot of dry riverbeds that look very similar to jeep tracks. Try to avoid mapping these. Also, most jeep tracks don't really connect anything (except fields and grazing areas) so tend to fade out at some point. Trace the tracks only as long as they are visible. Jeep tracks can further be defined by how well maintained they are with the tag "track_type=grade(1-5)". For this exercise, only tag tracks that are clearly temporary (for instance by running through a hay field with "track_type=grade5" In towns there will also be missing residential roads. Trace them and tag them with "highway=residential".

Submit your work often!

Upload your edits often to OSM (shortcut: Ctrl+Shit+Arrow up) and copy-paste this as your "Changeset Comment": #teachosm-task-503, tct mapping, #cartisan, #ESRI

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