#504 - Gnishik Area, Armenia: Buildings & ruins

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The buildings-tracing task in this area is exceptional because there are many ruined buildings from Soviet times everywhere.There are two seperate tasks to complete. Please read the detailed instructions carefully and only move on to task 2. when task 1. is completed.

  1. Tracing all intact buildings with the task "building=yes"

  2. Tracing all ruins. Use the tag "building=ruins".

Entities to Map
buildings & ruins
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+++the first row of small edit squares, to the north of the area, has the lowest priority to get mapped+++

Use ESRI World Imagery satellite image & JOSM with Building plugin enabled. Look at the screen shots of buildings in the Do's & Don'ts folder to see examples of ruins vs buildings.

Task 1: Trace all intact buildings first (buildings that have a roof & look inhabited (when in doubt it is preferable to trace as building=yes). use the building tool plugin. Here are some useful examples and resources to help you trace complex building shapes more efficiently.

Task 2: When finished with all intact buildings in your square, move on to trace the ruins of buildings. To make your life easier, before you start, change the settings of the building tool to automatically add the tag "building=ruins" instead of "building=yes", to do that in JOSM go to Data -> set building size -> advanced. In the list, change the tag from building=yes to building=ruins (remember to change this setting back to the original when finished with this task!). Now map all ruins in your square .

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