#517 - Mapping Food Deserts

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This project is designed to inform students about food deserts in their own areas. Students should map out/outline (accurately) the above data points/layers via OSM or other program. If using OSM, use the Mapbox or DigitalGlobe background. Teachers will then also lead a discussion for patterns seen by the locations of the various food sources in their area.

Teachers can adjust the layers as appropriate for their classes.

Extensions: Urban gardens; planning future development

(can add articles for food deserts and links to city planning department) 1. Link to CDC's "A Look Inside Food Deserts": https://www.cdc.gov/features/FoodDeserts/index.html 2. Michelle Obama's Video on Food Deserts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8My-iWjTBQ8 3. Millions still living in food deserts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lZwBMeogG8

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  1. Have students map where they live on a city map (on paper first or OSM .pdf)
  2. Then do different overlays for the tiers of stores in OSM a. Grocery stores -- make sure to label what they are b. Stop-N-Go stores c. Farmer’s markets d. Fast food places
  3. What patterns do you see as we add layers?
  4. Discuss where there are gaps in services
  5. You can bring in threshold/range to the discussion
  6. Can tie in with Problem-Based Learning
  7. Look at transportation patterns/zoning laws/population locations (single family and multi-family residences) - socioeconomic levels in your town and how it impacts the food deserts

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