#534 - Levittown, NY Suburban Land Use Mapping

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Levittown is not home to a singular "Main Street" concept, as seen in many other American cities and towns. Without a single retail space for the entire community, multiple "town greens" were put in place. The original was born out of single-car families. The car would be used to take Dad to work, while Mom was home, car-less, with her children. The spread-out locations of town greens allowed every household to be able to walk to any retail space they needed.

What to Map: a block of homes locate a town green near the block you've mapped--map the buildings locate a major thoroughfare--map the buildings

Questions to Consider: How was Levittown laid out for residents? for businesses? Is there any big box space? Where? Why is it there? Can you identify any town greens? Are they conveniently located? Is the current land use in Levittown reflective of the idea to create an ideal American family? What other information do you need to make informed decisions about Levittown?

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