#565 - Salima Malawi

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Salima is an important town in Malawi. It has the potential to experience earthquakes. This is a simple practice task to learn how to digitize building footprints and roads in OpenStreetMap, whilst helping to create a better basemap for the town. Task developed for Portsmouth University students to learn mapping.

Entities to Map
Small roads, Buildings
Changeset Comment

Mapping buildings: Please trace the outline of individual buildings from satellite imagery. Use the polygon tool to digitise the outline of the building. Please try to give each building a precise outline. As we do not know what each building is used for, simply use the tag, building = yes

Mapping roads: Many of the major roads in the area have already been mapped but there are lots of smaller roads and tracks that have not been mapped. For any road that has not been mapped, use the line tool to trace the road and ensure at least one end of the road connects to another road. Use the below descriptions to decide what type of road it is, and then use the corresponding tag:

National Road: connect the most important cities/towns in a country. In most countries, these roads will usually be tarmaced and show centre markings. TAG: highway= primary

Regional Road: second most important roads in a country's transport system. They typically link medium-sized places. Might be tarmaced in some countries, but many times they are not. TAG: highway= secondary

Local Road: busy through roads that link smaller towns and larger villages. More often than not, these roads will be unpaved. TAG: highway= tertiary

Other Road: Link small villages. These roads are usually unpaved and are only wide enough for one vehicle. This tag is primarily used in rural areas and outside of inhabited places. TAG: highway= unclassified

Residential Road: This tag is used only in urban areas and only on roads which serve no other purpose than residential. TAG: highway= residential

Track: usually used for roads providing access to agricultural or forestry facilities. Roads within National Parks might qualify as tracks too. TAG: highway= track

Path: usually impassable for motorised vehicles. TAG: highway= path

Private Road: For roads with no public access choose the appropriate category and add access=private. TAG: highway= *

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