#580 - Westwood Middle School - Ondangwa, Africa

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Please trace all roads and buildings

For useful tips on mapping roads and buildings, please check out the tracing guide: https://gist.github.com/NateHeard/e1645ab8831a316b1932d173260086ba.

Prioritize roads: Map roads and smaller paths as far as you can follow them. Tag roads according to the typology described in this OpenStreetMap Wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa. In addition, mark whether the road surface is paved or unpaved. For more information, please visit: http://learnosm.org/en/coordination/remotetracing/#roads

Buildings: Please label all buildings as general buildings and whether or not they have a Metal or Thatched roof. Square the corners of all buildings by pressing ā€œSā€ on your keyboard. If the building is a hut, you can digitize by placing multiple nodes around the perimeter and then pressing "O" on your keyboard, after labeling the building.

Streams/rivers: Malawi has a wet season usually lasting for about 5 months. When mapping streams, you may notice there is no water and only bedrock. That is okay, map the bedrock boundaries because during the wet season, the water will always show up in the same areas.

When saving edits to OpenStreetMap use the hashtag #MaptimeMorgantown and #WestwoodMiddleSchool

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