#606 - Map Your City : Mymensingh

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Mymensingh city earlier known as Nasirabad, is on the west bank of Brahmaputra River and is located about 120 km (75 mi) north of Dhaka which is the capital of the country. Border area cover Himalayan state of India, Gazipur, Tangail, Jamalpur, Netrokona, Kishorganj. Since 2015 Mymensingh became the 8th administrative divisional headquarters of Bangladesh. According to Ministry of Public Administration, Mymensingh is ranked 4 out of 64 districts. It is a major financial center of North Central Bangladesh. it is the third largest city and fourth-most populous urban agglomeration in Bangladesh.Density of Mymensingh City is 44,458/sq km which is second density populated city in Bangladesh. Mymensingh attracts 25 percent of health tourists visiting Bangladesh. Mymensingh is the anglicised pronunciation of the original name Momenshahi, referring to a ruler called Momen Shah.

Recently a core group of members from the OpenStreetMap Bangladesh community has initiated a platform named BHOOT (Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetmap Operations Team). This time the team initiated “Map Your City” project in collaboration with Pathao (a tech based logistic support company) to complete the base map for the major cities of Bangladesh.

As a part of the initiative we are now reaching for Mymensingh city and to map the city to it's block level including landmarks. We will also have Mapillary street level photos taken as a part of the mapping. This will ensure the proper navigation & routing possible for Mymensingh using OpenStreetMap, which will be very helpful for NGOs, Governments and humanitarian agencies.It will also create an opportunity for all the organizations to plan different innovative ways using OpenStreetMap.

Entities to Map
Roads, Buildings, Waterways
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Please trace buildings (building=yes) and map roads and smaller paths for as far as you can follow them. It is important to:

Trace the building using the outline of the roof and then shift the feature to line up with the ground-level footprint of the building.

Some of these squares may already be partially or fully mapped, please review and map missing features if needed, fix up the existing mapping, or just mark it "Done" if already complete.

Please accurately outline all the buildings you can find. The outline should be for the full size of the building even if it is partly covered by trees in the imagery.

Most buildings are rectangular, after drawing the outline, use the 's' key in the iD web editor to "square" the corners. In case of using JOSM use 'Q' key to square.

Many buildings are very close, but do not actually touch each other, try to map them close to each other without letting them connect or share nodes with each other, roads or residential area outlines. In the iD web editor, holding down the "alt" key will keep nodes of "snapping" to each other and accidentally connecting.

In the iD web editor, the first time you map a building you will use the "Building Features" category and then at the top of the list select "Building" again, this is the most generic building tag we can use as we almost never can tell the more specific use of any building from imagery alone.

Use Digital Globe Premium imagery for mapping. If you use other imagery, mention it in the comment.

In the comment, write what you actually mapped, for example: "mapped buildings"

If you have personal knowledge of a building, please add that information to the building, like the name or type of building (hospital, school, gas station, etc).

While mapping "Roads" please consult http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Bangladesh#Roads for details and examples of mapping roads in broader OSM Wiki for mapping and tagging guidance.

For a basic intro to OSM, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAmxTeCaM0Q

For intro to iD editor, watch these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac5zYqHeznY & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh5Fk0c7wVQ

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